Learning Challenge
Learning Challenge
This is a streak challenge where you and your friend can earn up to Rs. 1,000 💸 on every challenge!

🎯 About the Challenge

Participating in this challenge
There are 2 ways you can take part in this challenge:
  • If you’re a user of Zuperly already: You can create a learning challenge on any learning space and invite your friends
  • If you’ve been invited to a challenge: You will receive an invite from an existing user of Zuperly to take part in their learning challenge
Not a user of Zuperly yet? - Tag Zuperly on Twitter (@ZuperlyHQ) or on LinkedIn and ask us to invite you to a learning challenge. - DM a Zuperlian (a Zuperly team member 🦹🏻‍♀️) and they’ll add you to a challenge.

Creating a learning challenge
Go to a learning space. Click on 'Challenge a friend'.
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Select the number of days you would like your friends to do the challenge (4 & 5 day challenges coming soon!). Click on 'Proceed'.
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You can now map blocks to each of the days set for the challenge. Select at least 1 block per day. These blocks will be unlocked by your friends across 3 days.
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Review and confirm your challenge setup. Once confirmed, you will not be able to edit or delete this challenge. Click on 'Confirm' and your challenge will be set up! 🏁
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Inviting friends to learning challenge
After you've successfully set up a challenge, you can invite up to 10 friends per challenge. Enter email addresses of your friends one by one and press enter. Invites will be sent to them directly.
Please note, you cannot invite people who are already users of Zuperly. Invite new people to your learning challenges!
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You can check the status of their invitations as well - whether it’s accepted, declined or link has expired.
  • Accepted: The challenge will start right away!
  • Declined: You can send an invite to another friend.
  • Link expired: You can resend the invite to the same friend or invite another friend.

Tracking challenge progress
Go to 'Challenges' from the side menu. You will see 2 sections - Created by me, Shared with me.
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  • Created by me are all the challenges that you created and invited your friends for. You will be able to see their status (whether the challenge is in progress, completed or broken).
  • Shared with me are all the challenges you have been invited to. You can access your friend's learning challenge from here.

Receiving an invite to a challenge
  • If a friend invites you to a challenge, you will receive an email.
    • If you’re an existing user of Zuperly, you can login and go to Challenges to accept the challenge.
    • If you aren’t a user of Zuperly, you’ll be redirected to sign up, complete the onboarding, start the challenge.
  • The moment you accept the challenge - you will need to start right away!

Doing the challenge
Once you accept a challenge, the learning streak will start right away! Visit your friend’s learning space 3 days in a row, unlock blocks daily and learn from them.
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Maintain the 3-day streak. On the 3rd day, you can complete the challenge and claim your reward!

Claiming a reward
  • After you’ve completed a challenge, click on Claim Reward. Your reward amount will be displayed.
  • Add or update your UPI details. Please ensure that the ID is correct.
  • Once you’ve updated your UPI details, Zuperly will transfer the reward amount within 7 days.
  • Lastly, do share your success with your friends!
Note: You can claim a reward within 24 hours of completing the challenge. After that, the link will expire.

Didn’t find what you were looking for? Contact us on support@zuperly.com.

❓ FAQs

What activities are needed to unlock rewards?
Participants of a challenge are required to maintain a 3-day learning streak on the creator’s learning space. Participants will be required to visit the learning space, unlock blocks daily without breaking the streak.
Who can I invite to the learning challenges?
You can only invite people who are not users of Zuperly already. In other words, invite friends/family/colleagues who haven’t signed up on the platform yet!
What if the participant completes half the challenge?
No rewards will be given for incomplete challenges.
Are there other modes of payment?
Currently, the only option available is receiving reward amount through UPI.
What will be the reward amount?
By inviting new users to the challenge, winners can win up to Rs. 1,000. By inviting existing users of Zuperly to the challenge, winners will win only up to Rs. 100.
Other important points to keep in mind
  1. Rewards will be earned by the challenge creator and challenge participant.
  1. Rewards will be unlocked only when the participant completes the challenge activity.
  1. Rewards will expire in 24 hours if they are not claimed.
  1. Create challenges from only 1 account with a unique UPI ID. Any duplicate UPI IDs will not be considered while transferring the reward amount. If multiple accounts for 1 participant are found, the account with the maximum reward winnings will be considered while transferring the reward amount. Other accounts will be considered invalid.
  1. Any participant conducting fraudulent or offensive activities with regards to the Zuperly Learning Challenge will be denied any further participation in the challenge.
  1. If any fraudulent or offensive activities are noticed, Zuperly has the right to block the users or take necessary action.
  1. Zuperly has the right to cancel the challenge at any time.